Feline Authors Show Incredible Artistic Flair

Carly and Charly

Let’s Try Painting is the eighth book in The Adventures of Carly and Charly series for kids 5 to 8 years old. It tells our story as two adventurous cats conquering a new indoor adventure—with paint! We sign up for an art class and are super excited when we find out we get to wear berets.

Each new design fills us with glee and our fur with paint. But no matter what, a little paint will not stand in the way of creating award-winning art. It’s just the price of a cat’s success. We get bolder and bolder as the class moves on. Any doubts that cats can paint are left in the dust. As in all our exploits, we face our art projects confidently and bravely, because we know we’re very capable and talented cats.

Let’s Try Painting is beautifully illustrated, as are the earlier books in the series: How It All Began, Let’s Go Boating, Let’s Play Tennis, Let’s Play Pickleball, Let’s Try Baking, Let’s Go Horseback Riding, and Let’s Play Soccer, which are all available at online booksellers. Pick up one or two for your grandkids—or for yourself!

And stay tuned as two new adventures involving skateboarding and snowboarding will be out in late Spring 2023. To give back, 75% of the net proceeds go to the Humane Society—where it all began.