Feline Authors Release 2nd Edition of Their Adoption Story

Carly and Charly

How It All Began is being released as a 2nd edition! Who knew when we started writing during the pandemic that our children’s books would be such a hit that we’d publish a 2nd edition?

We listened to our fans, and this new and improved version is better suited for 4-year-olds. This edition has the same great illustrations with fewer words. It’s a quick and inspiring read as a bedtime story.

In this first book in The Adventures of Carly & Charly series, the action begins at the Humane Society where Crosby, the third kitten, joins us in our kennel. We were happy to have the company because we were scared and didn’t know what our future would hold.

Then, accepted as foster kittens, we three set out on an exciting road trip where we got settled into our new digs. After a while, we felt safe. But there was medicine involved. Yuck! And eye drops. Holy cat!

As we gained strength and confidence, we began to romp and play like the true adventure cats we are. We learned how to tell time, so we knew exactly when it was time to eat. And we let everyone know. You’re welcome. And then, oh happy day, we were adopted. The best news ever!

We grew like weeds into junior cats, and this formed the basis for our continuous drive to seek out new and exciting feline adventures, with style. As in all our exploits, we face new situations confidently and bravely, because we know we’re loved and that we’re very capable and talented cats.

How It All Began is beautifully illustrated, just like our other nine books: Let’s Go Boating, Let’s Play Tennis, Let’s Play Pickleball, Let’s Try Baking, Let’s Go Horseback Riding, Let’s Try Painting, Let’s Play Soccer, Let’s Go Skateboarding, and Let’s Go Snowboarding. They’re all available at online booksellers and the Absolutely Art Gallery in Catalina. Trying to stay cool inside? Why not pick up one or two for your grandkids, or yourself?

We just got back from CatCon 2023 in Pasadena and are pleased to make another announcement. By popular demand, our second book, Let’s Go Boating, is also being released in a 2nd edition to be more fun for 4-year-olds. Stay tuned!

We are very grateful. To give back, 75 percent of the net proceeds go to the Humane Society—where it all began.