Feline Authors Launch a Purrfect Adventure Series

Carly and Charly

Just like everyone else in the Brooke, we are tired, tired, tired of the pandemic. It’s just not right to hide our beautiful faces behind masks, no matter how clever the design. Besides, it’s hard to find ones that do justice to our crystal-clear green eyes. So, we twin cats, instead of whining about the current state of affairs, decided to apply our considerable storytelling talent to help ease the boredom in the Brooke.

We embarked on a creative journey to write a series of adventure books for children about the joys of being active. The first book in the Adventures of Carly and Charly series is entitled How It All Began. This first work provides a paw-by-paw chronicle of our transition from the Humane Society to foster care and then on to the promised land, adoption.

How It All Began provides a pet’s perspective of the new sights, sounds, and emotions of shelter life, riding home, taking medicine (bleah!), settling in, playing, and just being loved as the beloved twin cats we are. You might have thought adopting a pet was exciting for you, but you have no idea what it’s like for the pet. How It All Began provides a window into this tumultuous journey.

How It All Began will be available at the SaddleBrooke Gift Shop in December, just in time for the holidays, and also at online book sellers. To show our gratitude, 75% of the net proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society.

We’re pleased to announce, right on the heels of the first book, the release of Let’s Go Boating!, where we venture out on the water for a true cat experience. After taking a swim class and buckling up our life jackets, we embark on an adventure among the waves in true cat style. Let’s Go Boating! will be out soon.

There are now seven books in the Adventures of Carly and Charly series showcasing exciting feline adventures, including tennis, pickleball, baking, horseback riding, and skateboarding in the works. These books will be published over the next several months. In the meantime, cat adventure ideas are being collected at [email protected]