Feline Authors Hit the Slopes in Style

Carly and Charly

Let’s Go Snowboarding is the 10th book in The Adventures of Carly and Charly series for kids ages 5 to 8. As two adventure cats, we tell the story of conquering the great outdoors in the snow. As new boarders, we’re careful to assemble all the safety gear we need and to take lessons before we begin.

Smooth and steady, we learn how to make turns and, most importantly, how to stop. We hop on the chairlift and go down the hill in style. Hilarity ensues. We even bump into three cat friends out on the slopes.

We go for bold and try some cool jumps where our feline flair takes center stage. There’s a rivalry as to which cat can jump the highest and spin in the air. Yet it’s hard to pick a winner when we turn out to be naturals at snowboarding. Who knew?

We patiently build our confidence with skills and drills before advancing to the epic challenge—the half pipe. As in all our exploits, we face our snowboarding adventure confidently and bravely, because we know we’re very capable and talented cats. And what could possibly be cooler than cats on snowboards?

Let’s Go Snowboarding is beautifully illustrated, just like our first nine books: How It All Began, Let’s Go Boating, Let’s Play Tennis, Let’s Play Pickleball, Let’s Try Baking, Let’s Go Horseback Riding, Let’s Try Painting, Let’s Play Soccer, and Let’s Go Skateboarding. They are all available at online booksellers and at the Absolutely Art Gallery in Catalina. Want to stay cool this summer? Pick up one or two for your grandkids—or for yourself!

And coming soon, by popular demand, our first book, How It All Began, is being released in an exciting second edition to be even more fun for 4-year-olds. Stay tuned!

To give back, 75 percent of the net proceeds go to the Humane Society—were it all began.