Fall patio party

Sandy and Jim Seppala

Gary and Dee Zellinger

Brenda Koch

The word is out! The Resurrection Church of SaddleBrooke’s Patio Parties are fun! There were so many who signed up to attend, we had to break it into three parties. On November 4, Jim and Sandy Seppala were hosts to 18 members; Gary and Dee Zellinger were hosts to 20 members and Dave and Judy Stanard were hosts to 16 members.

Camaraderie was abundant and the flow of conversation never stopped. In fact, we were enjoying each other’s company so much it was hard to take a break and load up our plates with the delicious food waiting for us. We all joined hands as Pastor Wayne Viereck led us in grace. Feeling blessed, we all lined up to fill our plates.

The plethora of food at the Seppala’s included meatballs, shrimp, skewers of tortellini with tomatoes, skewers of tortellini with pesto, chicken wings, salmon spread with crackers, vegetable lasagna and a cheese plate with Brie, Colby, cranberry goat cheese and grapes. There was also a plate of red velvet cookies and a bowl of nuts with candy corn for nibbling prior to the feast.

And then, it was time for the dessert…key lime pie! There was a birthday to be celebrated in our group so we all gathered around and sang Happy Birthday to Lauchette Low, such a perfect way to introduce dessert. We all enjoyed the party so much that we queried when can we do this again and why don’t we do this more often.

After this party, I was able to catch the very end of Gary and Dee Zellinger’s party. Again, I was met with a warm, inviting atmosphere. At this get together, there was not one but two fire pits going as the members feasted on sliders, Texas bean dip, and pumpkin bars to name a few. I didn’t get to attend any of Dave and Judy Stanard’s party but, per Judy, “Beautiful evening, interesting people and great food!” I believe that speaks for us all.

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