English Country Dancing


Enid Fowler

We had a surprise visit at our January 4 class when Britt and Bob O’Grady’s nephew’s wife, Lina and four year old daughter, Minou came to visit and did some dancing with us. They were delightful and Minou loved the dancing. It’s always fun to have visitors from other countries who also enjoy dancing.

You can also enjoy English country dancing. It’s great exercise for the mind, body and spirit and not very difficult. We meet every Thursday afternoon at the lovely Vermilion Room, SaddleBrooke One from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. Be sure to wear low-heeled shoes that move well across the floor. Singles and couples are welcome and the more experienced dancers help and encourage the newer dancers and the dances are called.

Come and try us. It’s best to call ahead in the event we need to change dance rooms when special activities are booked at the Vermilion Room. Contact us by e-mail: Enid Fowler [email protected] or 520-818-1932 or Kay White [email protected] or 520-818-9482.

So come along and have some fun and great exercise.