Easy, Elegant Ways to Cooperatively Promote SaddleBrooke

United SaddleBrooke Board

United SaddleBrooke is committed to improving the quality of life for SaddleBrooke residents through increased cooperation between its homeowners associations. Surveys of residents in both HOAs have overwhelmingly supported cooperative efforts between the two HOAs. Actually, both boards of directors have publicly committed to such cooperative efforts as well.

What can cooperation look like? Here are a couple of suggestions, readily achievable and at very low cost:

1. A Joint SaddleBrooke Community Calendar. This calendar could include in a single place all events scheduled each week/month. This information is already gathered and published by the HOAs separately. Surely our IT departments can combine this data in a single place. Estimated cost: zero (unless IT hourly time charges are allocated, but this would be a noncash item, as the IT departments are both fully funded by the HOAs). SaddleBrooke TWO just unveiled its new Community Calendar, which is quite comprehensive. Let’s just add SaddleBrooke One events and distribute it weekly to all of SaddleBrooke.

2. A Joint Marketing SaddleBrooke Website. Combine all the marketing information currently distributed by each HOA into a joint website, promoting SaddleBrooke as the premier retirement community in Southern Arizona. Currently, both HOA websites attempt to draw interest in SaddleBrooke as a place prospective home buyers would want to visit. Let’s not confuse them by promoting our homes as separate communities.

United SaddleBrooke can help implement these suggestions and more. Who can object to programs that easily and elegantly promote SaddleBrooke to our residents and prospective residents?

To become a United SaddleBrooke Club member, subscribe to our blog, and find out more, go to www.unitedsaddlebrooke.org.