Dressing the SilverBelles

Vivian Herman

Closet coordination is a beautiful thing and each SilverBelle’s closet is a finely tuned, carefully crafted mélange of sparkly, sophisticated and flattering items that when put together make us look, feel and dance like a million bucks.

Coordinating our performance costumes falls to Claudia Booth, our costume maven. Taint easy finding items that look good on the short, the tall, the thin and the curvy dancers in our group. All ages, all sizes, but just one look.

Claudia pours over dance catalogues and searches the internet, sometimes to find too few items available, some not in the sizes we need, others out of stock or out of the country. She presents ideas, we talk, we agree (or disagree) we order, we try on, we send back and we begin the whole ordeal all over again.

But in the end there is a reason the SilverBelles are known for their fabulous dance outfits. We think it’s Claudia’s hard work and dedication to making us look that good.

To see us perform in our fabulous finery contact Caryl Mobley at [email protected] and book us for your event.