Division of Labor: Car Care

CJ Wright

I have always known whose job it is to keep car(s) in good running condition, the man of the house. The cars, tractors and fixing of our household appliances were in my father’s job description. So how in the world could I take that over when my husband David died? Good news-we didn’t have any tractors. Lucky for me I went to a Ladies Car Care workshop put on by Jack Furrier Tire and Auto Care here at the HOA 1 Activity Center. I didn’t even know how to check the air pressure or amount of air required in my tires. And I learned to make sure an auto repair place didn’t prey on my lack of knowledge, oil pressure check, tire rotation and replacement and so much more. Alternatively, if you have a specific car that you need auto care for and are afraid to go to a random garage, such as a BMW, then you can always contact a German auto repair in Norcross to cater to your needs.

David, beloved husband, and I divided up the chores of running our home. Early in our relationship after going to a workshop where John Gray, author of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, we could see that system wouldn’t work well for us. David wanted to stay up and talk though any argument like someone from Venus I would prefer to yell, “I will talk about this in the morning while I am not into halt.” (Hungry, angry, lonely or tired.) I still contend that no one is either totally from Mars or Venus, but just a great mix of both.

After David’s passing no matter how ready I thought I was to assume all the others jobs, I was not ready. Fridays would come along I would be on the tennis court and I could hear the garbage trucks. I had forgotten again to put the barrel out. That had been David’s job. After the anger and grief over David’s dying and leaving everything for me to work though, the transfer finally dawned on me. I must just get over it and move on.

There were so many areas to learn and grow. The car care issue has gotten so much easier with knowledge. Check your calendars, ladies, and see if you would like to join me on April 11, 9:00 a.m. to noon at HOA 1 at the Activity Center for a Ladies Car Care workshop. The event is free, but reservations are required by calling 748-1700, extension 7101. See you there.