Dinner Theatre (CCP) to improve hearing in facilities

Andrea Molberg

Our own Community Circle Players who bring us delightful dinner theatre is investing in SaddleBrooke. Recognizing that hearing difficulties isolate and frustrate us, CCP wants you to pick up every line at their shows, fully participate in activities in club meeting rooms and be informed at gatherings. To improve hearing in our facilities, the SaddleBrooke theatre troupe is using its proceeds from this March’s sold out performances of Don’t Drink the Water to enhance the loop system and improve sound.

SaddleBrooke One has checked that its loop system is now fully operable, and discussions are underway with the SaddleBrooke TWO Board, Liz Lawson and Walter Yazzie to see what is needed for SaddleBrooke TWO. AV Innovations, the company who put in the original system, is being consulted about improving the loop system for the MountainView Ballroom, Bistro and Mesquite. The MV Ballroom may require two or three loop systems to make it work perfectly. Currently there is only one.

Working with SaddleBrooke TWO, CCP seeks “clear as a bell” sound that will allow for total enjoyment of any production, lecture or musical event. We don’t want you to miss anything, including CCP’s fall show Cooking with Gus. Tickets for that fall dinner theatre treat go on sale at the SaddleBrooke TWO administration building on October 1.