Dick Stanley adds another hole-in-one to his collection

Bob Edelblut

November 1 was a Wednesday and Dick was one of many playing in his unit’s weekly golf outing. By the way, that is Unit 49. Dick’s last hole-in-one in June 2015 was recorded while he was playing in another weekly unit event. This was the fourth ace he has had in Arizona and brings his overall total to eight. Impressive! Congratulations one more time.

The 13th hole at the MountainView Golf Course was his victim this time. Dick volunteered that this hole-in-one was rather straightforward. He guessed that the pin was about 155 yards away and that the slight breeze hitting his face would cause the shot to play a few yards longer. Six iron was his club of choice. All his playing partners (Roger Bedard, Mike Goodman and Sue Braun) watched the shot from start to finish and once it hit the green and started to roll it was clear that it would find the bottom of the cup. Everybody got to yell and cheer.

I looked at the picture that accompanied the article written about Dick’s last hole-in-one. There were many smiling faces enjoying the refreshment supplied by Dick and I can assure you that the party that followed this experience was equally well attended. Rumor has it that Michele informed Dick that if he kept this up they would need to take out a loan to pay for the good cheer. They both laughed at her joke. Well done!