Dexter’s Place goes to the dogs

The Chia pet

The Chia pet

On Halloween day the big happening of the year for our four legged friends took place in the SaddleBrooke Dog Park, Dexter’s Place. If you emanate sounds that go woof and like hard packed treats, then Dexter’s Place was the place to be. As Kathy Majer, who organized the event said, “It was the big doggy social event.” But truth be told, the humans had as much or more fun than the dogs.

Besides, there were treats for all the dogs provided by Rawhide Feed and for the two legged fans a doggy grooming gift certificate was donated by Petco at the Oro Valley Market Place location. Humans came up short when it came to treats, but then there is always a price to be paid for anchoring the top of the food chain.

A special shout out goes to Kathy Majer who organized the event along with her helpers Jan Wayne, Patti Albaugh and Mary Joviak. This year’s winners were selected by a ballot process where our 26 entrants themselves selected the champs in five categories in the small Dog Park. It was so hard to choose as each costume was cuter than the next.

However difficult it was to vote, winners were selected as the best, scariest, most creative, cutest and funniest. Each winner received an Oscar like trophy that surely was placed in a location of prominence in each winner’s home. The winners in the small dog park came outfitted as a chia pet, a devil, a Mexican hat dancer and a ballerina. There was a plethora of other costumes as well so other dogs came dressed as a cowboy, a ladybug, a bee or as Wonder Woman.

In the big dog side the winners were garbed as a witch, a fire fighter and a pumpkin. Fewer big dogs competed as well; they tend to eat their costumes. But regardless of the size of the dog, or the number of legs the attendees brandished, a good time was had by all.