Dennie Wilbour and John Wrbanek 2018 Match Play Champs


Bob Edelblut

Everyone knows that the MPMGA Member-Member Match Play Tournament takes forever to complete. This year’s event was no exception. The planners hoping to jump start play scheduled the first two rounds for February 28 and March 1. No one contacted Mother Nature—the weather on the 28th was so bad that play was suspended! Nonetheless, 44 two-man teams grouped into six flights showed up on March 1 to play their first match. The last match for the overall championship was played on April 21. Nothing new here. The format this year remained the same as in prior years. First round losers in each flight moved to a consolation bracket. First round winners earned the right to play another match within their flight. All flight winners were rewarded with trophies and lots of bacon and most importantly with the chance to compete against other flight winners for the title. Consolation bracket winners took home some bacon. Sixty-seven matches over 52 days were played and most went down to the wire—or pretty close to the wire. Great golf, gentlemen! Thanks to all who participated.

The flight winners were Tim Ward and Tony Van Natter in Flight 1, Dennis Marchand and Tom Fitzgerald in Flight 2, David Jones and Mark Kunnen in Flight 3, Mick Borm and Dick Helms in Flight 4, Terry Marchione and Scott Newberry in Flight 5 and, last but not least, Denny Wilbour and John Wrbanek in Flight 6. In the consolation brackets the winners were Joe Englehardt and Paul Zaph, Ilaan Eisenberg and Ron Kerr, Chet Halbleib and Rennie Temple, Mike Bershaw and Bob Johnson, Ron Pozzi and Bob Breitenfeld, David Breedlove and Jerry Westra. Congratulations and cheers to all our flight and consolation bracket winners!

Flight 4 winners Mick Borm and Dick Helms and Flight 6 winners Denny Wilbour and John Wrbanek survived the playoffs and met on Saturday, April 21 to play for the championship. Yes, the title is correct, Wilbour and Wrbanek are our 2018 Member-Member Match Play Champions winning a hard-fought match three and one. Well done, gentlemen. We expect to see you next year. One last thank you must go to Special Events Director Don Erickson and all his helpers for running a great tournament. Keep up the good work.