Democrats review state organization structure

Tim Koch

The SaddleBrooke Democratic Club recently held its monthly business and information meeting at the HOA1 Activity Center. Vice Chair Tim Koch provided copies of renowned linguist George Lakoff’s recent article, Why Hate Speech is Not Free Speech and addressed the fiscal challenges faced by Arizona’s public district schools and universities.

Ralph Atchue, Democrat candidate for the Arizona Senate, spoke briefly about his recently launched campaign including the 1,100 LD 11 door-step contacts his committee made in just the last month.

Linda Lyon, campaign chair for Hollace Lyon’s LD 11 campaign for State Legislator, addressed the core principles of Hollace’s campaign and answered questions regarding the differences in financing between running traditional and running clean. In the upcoming election (2018) Atchue is running clean, while Lyon has chosen to run traditional.

Hollace Lyon, both chair of the SaddleBrooke Democrats and first vice-chair of the Arizona Democrats, provided a power-point presentation on the structure of the Arizona Democrats from the local precinct committee persons to the state Board of Directors. SaddleBrooke has three precincts.

Next month’s meeting (October 10 – HOA1 Activity Center) will feature Jodi Liggett, vice president of Public Affairs at Planned Parenthood Arizona and State Senator Steve Farley, candidate for Arizona Governor.