Deer tragedy on SaddleBrooke Blvd.

Stuart Watkins

This fawn was struck on SaddleBrooke Blvd. on June 12, 2019, in the morning and died about noon. It was struck in the head and shoulder by a vehicle and two legs were broken.

Could it have been avoided?


This is a known deer crossing area just as one is driving out of SaddleBrooke towards N. Oracle Road. It is where one is cresting the first hill after the mini mall and continues for about fifty more yards.

Quite often, one deer will lead the way across a road, and others will soon follow.

Sometimes the least brave one will linger and timidly cross after the others are on the other side.

What should a driver do when seeing a deer cross the road in front of his or her vehicle? Expect to see more about this to follow.

Most times on the SaddleBrooke roads, drivers in autos or golf cars stop and wait to let the animals take their time to safely cross.

As drivers are leaving SaddleBrooke, they are often going very fast and not concentrating on the possibility of running into a deer or javelina.

Drivers coming into SaddleBrooke may also be distracted with times to arrive on their minds, etc.

Deer live in and around the open spaces in SaddleBrooke. We all should be alert to the wild animals that used to roam anywhere they wished on the grounds our homes now occupy.

Try not to be involved in another deer tragedy.