Cyclemasters: Rules of the Road

B.J. Murray, Vice President

In November, the president and vice president of SaddleBrooke Cyclemasters met with the members of the SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke TWO patrol to help us understand how we can be responsible riders in our community. We very much appreciated the visit and learned how our patrol is working to keep us safe.

They had a few requests that we will be working to abide by as we ride within SaddleBrooke:

Riding by yourself

Please respect and slow down and stop for all stop signs. This is a significant ask but our patrol has witnessed several close calls in our community. Slowing down is not enough. The request is to stop and put one foot on the ground. Then after looking both ways (and noting the coast is clear), proceed forward.

Riding as a group

If you ride as a group the rules are only slightly different. The lead of the group is required to slow down at each stop sign, proceeding if it is safe. They also should be saying in a clear voice, “clear,” indicating to others that they can proceed. While the lead is not required to stop completely, they are required to slow down and look visibly both ways. The people following the lead can proceed then through the intersection without stopping but should also be checking for any oncoming traffic.

Also, when riding in a group it is good practice to learn hand signals that can help other riders.

For example, pointing right for a right turn, and pointing left for a left turn. A sweeping motion behind a rider’s back means an obstacle is ahead that needs to be recognized. Most often in SaddleBrooke these are walkers who may be walking in our path. We make the sweeping motion then shout “walker UP,” indicating that the riders need to veer slightly left to go around the walkers.

If you are the last rider in a group of riders, it is important that you also use the hand signals.

Important because traffic that follows the riders may need to react to what the group is doing.

So, while we work to be a safe group of riders, Cyclemasters is a fun way to get out and enjoy biking and socialize with others who have a passion for cycling. If you are interested in joining, visit our webpage at