Cyclemasters’ Ride of Silence

Ride of Silence (photo by Marty Herbert)

Susan Weston

On May 17 SaddleBrooke Cyclemasters participated in an international event. On the same day all around the world, thousands of bike riders honor their fellow riders who have been killed in auto accidents. An additional purpose of the ride was to remind car drivers, police, and city officials that bicycles share the road with them and need their help to do it safely.

At 4:30 p.m. the Cyclemasters gathered at the basketball court in the SaddleBrooke One parking lot and held a brief ceremony. They discussed how, by carefully following biking rules of the road, they can help cyclists and car drivers co-exist more safely together. They then honored Cyclemasters members who have died from natural causes, those who have been struck by cars, and the two riders who were killed by cars.

At 5 p.m. the ride headed out north along Ridgeview Blvd. A patrol escort proceeded ahead of it and blocked traffic at each intersection. One flag-carrying golf cart led the single file of riders, and another flagged golf cart worked “sweep” at the end. The file of riders slowly continued around Ridgeview, all the while in absolute silence. Cyclemasters were quiet and solemn as they arrived at the end.