Cyclemasters record their miles

Linda Monfore and Gerry Goode

Linda Monfore and Gerry Goode

Ted Belanger

Retirement is great – No work – No stress -No driving everyday – and plenty of time to enjoy the life you dreamed about! As a young child riding your bicycle gave you independence and freedom. The thrill of cycling and experiencing the sights and sounds of the open road continue to excite many of the Cyclemasters and their active lifestyle. Some of us may only ride for a few miles for coffee, others may ride 3000 miles across the country, but they all enjoy the sport of cycling. Our club members recorded miles ridden for 2014 in excess of 150,000 miles, with two of our male riders surpassing 10,000 miles. Gerry Goode was the top mileage rider registering 10,212 miles and Brad Voltz recorded 10,024 miles. Our top female rider was Linda Monfore with 9,186 miles. All three riders rode their bicycles more than most retirees drive their car in a year! These are dedicated cyclists that consistently ride year round, year after year. Linda’s first 8,000 mile plus year was in 1998 and has continued to increase since then. Gerry has cycled since the 70s and has recorded his mileage on many cross country trips and training rides. He is closing in on the 250,000 mile mark.

The club encourages all members to enjoy the sport of cycling and enjoy the friendships developed, whether you ride 100 miles a year or 10,000 miles. The eight year total count for our club is 1,606,516 miles. That is seven round trips to the Moon or 65 times around the World!

As our club motto says, “We cycle for Fun, Food and Fitness.” Come join us any Saturday morning in front of the SaddleBrooke Clubhouse for an easy one hour club ride around SaddleBrooke.