Cyclemasters Let Happy Thoughts Multiply Like Rabbits!

B. J. Murray

Cyclemasters let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits during our final holiday ride of the season, The Bunny Ride. The event was on April 3. It was fun, starting with everyone assembling at the Activity Center. Because of the vaccination clinic, we had to move locations from where we usually meet. Everyone was given instructions on how to get their Easter egg, particularly where to locate the bunny who was giving out the eggs.

We did as we usually do and broke up into different ride group levels, although this time, many of our riders sprouted rabbit ears. We rode for about 50 minutes while chatting with each other, waving at walkers, and telling all sorts of jokes. You could hear laughter at the house we stopped at where the Easter bunny (Lynette Hubert) was handing out eggs (some with prizes but all had chocolate!). From there, we rode back to the Activity Center where our co-president, Gail Thom, handed out prizes, which included cycling socks, RoadRunner Grill gift certificates, and chocolate Ghirardelli bunnies. We followed up the event with breakfast at the RoadRunner Grill. Around 50 of our over 200 Cyclemaster members rode in the event. A good time was had by all.

We always are welcoming new members. We have rides both inside and outside SaddleBrooke. On April 10, we anticipate our Saturday ride starting spots will be moving back to near the SaddleBrooke One bocce ball courts. Saturday rides are generally the best rides for people thinking about joining our club because they will have the best chance of meeting folks who do both inside and outside rides, plus they can meet our board members who generally are there. Start times are 8 a.m. in April, 7:30 a.m. in May, and 7 a.m. in June. E-Bikes are welcome, as well as the ones that are self-propelled.