Cyclemasters Had a Great December!

B.J. Murray, Vice President

Cyclemasters is more than just a group who rides bikes together. We are an organization that also cares about our community and works hard to support it.

Because of the virus, we, like most organizations in SaddleBrooke, are challenged with how to socialize. While we do meet regularly at the RoadRunner Grill (outside), we found that we couldn’t hold any of our regular Cyclemasters meetings at the Activity Center given the risks. While that was bad news, the good news is that we thought we could use the money normally going into our socials to help our community.

In December, we donated a total of $5,000 with $1,000 going to each of these causes: SaddleBrooke One Employee Appreciation; SaddleBrooke TWO Employee Appreciation; Wheels for Kids; SaddleBrooke Community Outreach; and Kid’s Closet.

This is in addition to bikes we collect and donate to local charities and schools. We believe this is an important way to support our bike communities. After the virus scare is over, we are looking forward to giving helmets and bikes to schools, allowing principals to decide how to distribute them.

Also, in December, we had a ton of fun on the annual Candy Cane ride where each group of riders was challenged with finding and riding in as many cul-de-sacs as we could find in an hour of riding. At the end we all got candy canes and prizes were awarded. Afterward many of us gathered for coffee at the RoadRunner Grill. While this was different from how we normally do the ride, we had a blast!

Not to mention we got this joke from Gail Thorn, our incoming president:

Q: How does a Snowman get to work? A: By-Icicle

If you are interested in joining our club, check out the website at We always enjoy riding with new members.