Cowgirls Don’t Ride Sidesaddle

Stuart Watkins

Cowgirls know how to help a mare give birth.

They know how to ride the back-forty searching for strays.

Cowgirls barrel-race in rodeos and dance the Texas Two Step.

They sip coffee from a tin can by the campfire.

Cowgirls know the difference between a rifle and a pistol.

They know the difference between rancher’s brands.

Cowgirls can kick up their heels and have a little fun.

They rise before the sun and settle when works done.

Cowgirls ride herd on family when called upon.

They know how to cinch a horse’s girth and clean a horseshoe.

Cowgirls can ride hard but never put a horse away wet.

They know when to lend a rancher a helping hand.

Cowgirls don’t ride sidesaddle,

On this you can bet.