Cowboy from Laredo, Texas

Stuart Watkins

Just a cowboy looking for work

not a job this old boy can’t do

buck ‘em, train ‘em, do it right, too

teach em how to cut a herd

Look too long in the tooth for our kinda spread

Well, if it’s a chuckwagon cook you need

in the day I’ve been known to make a good stew,

flapjacks, bacon, strong coffee to serve the crew

keeps ranchers happy and willing to ride

Our cook been with us nigh on ten years

Chaps need mending and saddles need tending

needle and thread is something I’ve been known to do

even mend a barbed wire fence that’s been tore in two

don’t mind sleeping under a tarp in the rain

Put your gear in the bunkhouse, we’ll take you on

Range boss, you made an old cowboy happy

back in Laredo they said my skills had passed me by

no work could be found under the Texas sky

you hired a worker, cowboy, man willing to work

Here; take my hand, you’re my kind of rancher man