Cooling weather warms up the SBWGA

Ret Convey

Our courses have been successfully reseeded and are in beautiful condition. Our winter visitors are trickling back and taking their rightful places among us. Our delicious luncheons and meetings have resumed, giving us the chance to get together again at long last.

Everything is as it should be at the SBWGA…if only Mother Nature would cooperate!

Back nine lightning and thunder cut many of our games short on October 23, but nonetheless, we had to agree, weather or no weather, cart path only or no cart path only, it felt great to be out there swinging our clubs again after the three-week hiatus which, in golfer years, feels like a million!

We want to welcome new members, Em Wierenga, Helen Graham, Laurel Parrott and Marsha Foresman to the SBWGA and wish you much happiness and success in the coming year.

We also welcomed new sponsor, Oro Valley Eye Care, into the fold on October 16. Dr. Robert Mitchell and Miguel Nakano joined us for lunch and spoke about the many specialties offered at their family company to help us care for our most precious eyesight. The SBWGA extends a huge thank you to Oro Valley Eyecare, whose motto is “We care. You’ll see.”

Congratulations go to September Aces, Deb Finn, (gross 82), and Nancy Huffman, (net 69), who will take their places at the Ace of Aces tournament on November 27. Best of luck to you both!

On the topic of luck, we count ourselves lucky to have worked side by side with our head pro these past nine years and many of us were able to join Bernie at his farewell party on October 15 to tell him so. Thank you seems inadequate, and goodbye is too sad, so we’ll just wish Bernie the best life has to offer.