Congressman Juan Ciscomani Visits SaddleBrooke

Congressman Ciscomani with SBRC board members

The SaddleBrooke Republican Club (SBRC) was honored to have Congressman Juan Ciscomani speak on Valentine’s Day to the SaddleBrooke Republican Club. He acknowledged us as his good friends and thanked SaddleBrooke for the support he received during the campaign.

Highlights of His Address

Attendees of the meeting heard firsthand about his historical selection to be appointed to the Appropriations Committee (the most prestigious committee in Congress), which rarely is given to a freshman. He explained how committee assignments were an interview process and what he did to be appointed. He will also serve on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, something near and dear to his heart. He will be able to continue the work he started in Arizona while working for former Governor Ducey.

Members of the audience posed questions after Ciscomani’s remarks. The border and fentanyl were prominent on the minds of the audience, and Ciscomani responded that the Oversight Committees and Judiciary will be questioning Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas.

On the Lighter Side

Ciscomani also shared how offices are assigned. All freshmen names are put in a lottery. Out of the 76 new freshmen, he drew 33. Ciscomani, married and the father of six children (who have decided to reside in Tucson while he commutes to D.C.), was pleased, as this is not only his working office, but where he sleeps on an air mattress.

After speaking and taking questions from the audience, he left for a Valentine dinner with his three daughters. He explained their family tradition where his wife Laura takes the three boys someplace special, and he takes the girls. Afterwards, the family meets to share dessert together.

The crowd of over 150 left talking with each other about their appreciation of our congressman. In his appearance, he showed his passion for the job and his true appreciation for what it means to be an American citizen. He communicated what it meant to swear his oath to the United States of America, twice: the first time when he became a citizen, and the second time on the floor of the United States Congress. He ended by saying, “Only in the United States of America could an immigrant and son of a bus driver become a U.S. Congressman.” The crowd erupted in a standing ovation.