Come Join Us in the Pool

Ladies in the pool exercising and having fun. (Photo by Stuart Watkins)

Stuart Watkins

SaddleBrooke One offers water aerobics at 7 and 8 a.m. each morning. The only fee is a lifetime membership of $5. This covers the CDs and machines that have to be bought and replaced every now and then.

Sometimes there are 25 to 30 members in the pool listening to the tapes, exercising (of course), and socializing. When “Chantilly Lace” is played on Sundays, everyone joins in with, “You Know What I Like!”

It is a fun group, and some exercise in earnest, while others do what they are physically able to, or they just swap stories about what their families are up to, share what trips are being planned, and generally have fun.

For the 7 a.m. session, Bobby Barb usually starts the machine with the recording of the day, and Sylvia Bonesky leads everyone in the words of each song, since she knows them all and has a lovely voice, to boot.

After everyone has worked very hard, there is the hot tub and sometimes a rush to get ready for a breakfast gathering, bridge game, POP Tennis meet, or one of many other activities.

Come join us at 7 or 8 a.m., come rain or shine!