Come join us on the dance floor – Square Dance lessons start October 8, 2017

Casual dress dancing on a recent Thursday evening

Casual dress dancing on a recent Thursday evening

Kay White

Need something new? Something fun? Something challenging? Something both interesting and exciting in your life?

Then join us for the “Give Us a Whirl” GUAW introduction lesson and demonstration of today’s world of square dancing.

See how quick you can learn the basic calls of “mainstream” square dancing. Circle left, circle right, do sa do, allemande left and grand right and left with eight happy people in a square dance square.

SaddleBrooke Squares offer their yearly lessons beginning Sunday, October 8, 2017, in the SaddleBrooke Mountain View Ballroom at 7:00 p.m. with an evening of merriment with a mix of exuberance. You will be able to experience square dancing with the help of teaching assistant dancers (TAs) and a national caller, Larry Kraber.

Right now would be a good time to write the date and time on your calendar – October 8, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome from the Ranch, HOA1, HOA2 and even guests. It doesn’t matter if you are a single or if you have a partner. Square dancing is an engagement in relaxation that you will find yourself looking forward to once or twice a week or, like some dancers, spending their summers traveling the states and other countries dancing in new and different locations as they visit the various clubs. There is even a Square Dance Cruise in Europe.

Want to learn more? Contact the “Squares” President Bob White at 520-818-9482 or [email protected]. Also, our class coordinator Randy Regnier at [email protected] will be more than happy to fill in any details you might want.

Some of us had square dancing in school, so it may be time to try the dance floor again. What does square dancing do for YOU as an individual? This author can tell you that you meet a lot of new friends; it replaces the TV and gets you out and moving on the dance floor. Once the lessons are completed, you will be qualified to dance in different towns with different clubs, attend picnic dances, Halloween dances, weekend festivals around Arizona and the West as well as around the country. We find the festivals the most fun for improving our skills and for renewing acquaintances made previous years at the same or different venues.

If you have read the articles in the Progress, Saddlebag Notes and the Ranch Roundup, I’m sure you are aware of some of the places the SaddleBrooke Squares have gone to dance lately. Here is just a few – Davis Monthan Air Base; Mesa, Arizona; Show Low, Arizona; Yuma, Arizona; Cadillac Chaparral; Oracle Inn; Catalina Recreation Center and Catalina State Park.

Take advantage of this year’s GUAW. The next two lessons after the GUAW will be free. We are pretty sure that these three demonstrations and lessons will convince you to join us. Want a preview of the lessons? Check out our website at