Come Dance with Us!

Jeanne Ragan

Have you ever smiled so much that you couldn’t stop? That’s what square dancing will do for you. Those of us who square dance are so excited that we now can get back on the floor and do-si-do to the beat of music and the laughter of friends.

The first week after we moved here to SaddleBrooke, we signed up for square dancing. Two weeks later, we opened our home to members as part of a progressive dinner. We hadn’t even hung the pictures on the walls yet. So, you see, we jumped right in. Everyone was so welcoming.

We found square dancers to be down-to-earth, energetic, and friendly. What more could we want as an introduction to our new home and community here in SaddleBrooke.

We completed Mainstream and then Plus classes, went to many square dance festivals in places like Yuma and Show Low, and even travelled as far away as Germany with a group of other square dancers from Sun City and SaddleBrooke. Square dancing is enjoyed all over the world; no matter what country you are in, the calls are always in English.

Our SaddleBrooke group enjoys many activities, such as ice cream socials, dancing in a pool, progressive dinners, pizza parties, and group trips. You name it; we do it! Special outfits are optional; you’ll see everything from jeans and Western attire to frilly skirts and tops.

You can’t ask for a nicer bunch of people, always ready to help with a friendly smile. Singles and couples are welcome.

Please join us. Call or email Richard and Donna Martin at 520-825-1406 or [email protected] for more information.