A clue to SaddleBrooke’s Mystery Theatre (CCP) success

Susan Sterling, Shawne Cryderman, Tim Morsani

Susan Sterling, Shawne Cryderman, Tim Morsani

Andrea Molberg

Today I interviewed Tim Morsani about live theater in SaddleBrooke. Tim is the new treasurer of Community Circle Players (CCP) and a life-long thespian.

Ande: Live Theater continues to be very successful in SaddleBrooke – Why do you think that is?

Tim: “There are several reasons – All modesty aside, the quality is excellent. We have been blessed with great directors, producers, prop, sound and light people not to mention a dedicated group of very good actors – including you, Ande.”

Ande: And you, Tim.

Tim: “I said – all modesty aside.”

Ande: What else makes for successful shows?

Tim: “People love to see their friends on stage. I think it makes the audience feel more a part of the production. Audiences loved the dinner theater atmosphere of last season’s show that we did at both HOA 1 and HOA 2. Having the actors performing in the midst of the audience was fun for everyone. It was so successful that we’re doing a dinner theater mystery again next season with Susan Sterling directing. Same venues – different show.”

Ande: Why do people get involved in a theater production? Isn’t it a significant time commitment?

Tim: “Again, all kinds of reasons. Some people, like you and me, have acted in years past and have fond memories they want to re-create. Others see the fun we have doing theater and want to join in at some level. Still others like the camaraderie they see in a focused group of people and want to learn something new. SaddleBrooke is full of volunteers and theater is just one more venue. There is an important time commitment but the directors plan carefully so as not to waste time. And, when the show’s over, it’s over and we all have a great sense of satisfaction.

Ande: If by chance someone reading this article wants to get involved, how would they do that?

Tim: “Best way is – take the direct approach. Contact me ([email protected]) or one of our founding mothers – Susan Sterling ([email protected]) or Shawne Cryderman ([email protected]).

Ande: Thanks!

Tim Morsani grew up on an Oklahoma farm with only imaginary playmates so acting was essential. After a high school play and a major role in a community theater production of Bus Stop he auditioned for a college production. The University of Tulsa awarded him an acting scholarship which paid his books, tuition and dorm room during his junior and senior years. In return, Tim rehearsed and acted for 20 hours each week. He took several years out to shape a business career then went back to community theater and roles in various plays including Oliver, Annie Get Your Gun, Man of La Mancha, My Three Angels, Of Mice and Men, The Foreigner and The Nerd. SaddleBrooke productions: 2010 Rehearsal for Murder; 2011 The Steele Deal; 2013 The 39 Steps; 2015 House of Tomorrow; 2017 Eat, Drink and Be Deadly.