Charity sewing

Finished outfits

Finished outfits

Nan Nasser

Once a week a group of women meet at the SaddleBrooke Arts and Crafts Center, HOA 1. They share projects, ideas, successes and frequently tackle some community service sewing. Under the leadership of Lin Bradner, supported by Judy Hans, the group decided to make outfits and quilts for the children housed at Casa de Los Ninos in Tucson.

Founded in 1973, Casa was originally designed to assist infants threatened by abuse and/or neglect. A few years later the facility expanded to include youngsters up to age 11. These children arrive at the shelter with very little. They may stay a short time, or a longer period, while the staff works with the family and the children to correct the problems.

Simple, easy to wash, clothing items are the staple. During the last fiscal period 6,190 children received the services of Casa de Los Ninos! A child is offered a quilt upon arrival and then receives the necessary clothing for his/her stay. When the child is able to leave, all of his/her possessions are placed into a large cloth tote bag to take home.

The SaddleBrooke women have created quilts, sewn up tote bags and tackled the creation of all sorts of clothing items for the children. There have been pants and shorts, shirts and dresses, all created in SaddleBrooke and delivered periodically to the shelter.

If you are interested in learning more about this group, come to the sewing room in the Arts and Crafts Center on Monday mornings from 9:00 a.m. until we tire. We are not solely charity supporters; you may find a different sewing project that interests you.