Celebrating Your 80th with a Half Marathon

Judie Shyman

Ed Melnick

What better way to honor your 80th birthday than to run a half marathon? Judie Shyman soon discovered there are definitely ways that are a lot more fun.

Judie was honored by 25 runners and special friends Carol and Ben Levine at a dinner celebration that was highlighted by the runners entering the dining room wearing specially designed T-shirts honoring Judie and her 80th birthday run. The outpouring of love that was given Judie was, well, to quote her, “I am speechless in my heart.”

The next day, race day, the runners surrounded Judie when she finished, and the smiles by her friends and the other runners, too, lit up everyone at the event.

Running came to Judie when we moved to SaddleBrooke and, unknown to Judie, she was good at it, very good.

At age 79, Judie broke the state age record in every running category up to the half marathon. So, how did she do in the half marathon at age 80? She broke the state record by almost 55 minutes.

Happy birthday, Judie, my love, my wife.