Calling all WWII Veterans


Larry Linderman

The SaddleBrooke World War II Roundtable is a group of folks interested in exploring all aspects of WWII. We have had presentations by members of the Roundtable on such topics as the Normandy invasion, General McCarthur, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the great tank battles in Russia, the role of American women during the war, rationing during the war in the Allied countries and the bombing campaign in Europe. So widespread and destructive was this war that the number of points of view that can be explored is nearly endless.

But what we haven’t had is the perspective of American WWII veterans. Many of us in SaddleBrooke are of the Baby Boom Generation, and we know the reticence of our relatives and friends who went through the conflict.

The members of the Roundtable don’t even have an idea of how many WWII vets live in SaddleBrooke. We are humbled by their sacrifice and wish they would attend our meetings or, if so inclined, even relate something of their participation. This applies equally to women who served in any capacity, including the spouses of vets.

If you reading this and are a WWII vet or know a vet, would you please make them aware of our existence and encourage them to attend one of our monthly meetings? We would be honored.

The Roundtable meets the third Thursday of the month, October through May, at 1:00 p.m. in the Sonoran Room of the MountainView Clubhouse. Those interested in more information on the Roundtable can contact Steve Reggentin at 465-0909.