Calling All Woodworkers

Mark Erickson and Jay Rosenlof

We all know that there is not a woodworking facility in SaddleBrooke—or is there? There is as much or more woodworking equipment in many garages in SaddleBrooke than in most cabinet shops. I know there is part of one in my garage.

As woodcarvers, we have many people visit us in the Turquoise Room and inquire about woodworking (both building and repairs). Quite often, someone will contact the Woodcarvers to enquire about fixing a wobbly leg, cutting boards or panels, repairing a broken part, or building something out of wood. But as carvers, not woodworkers, we can’t help them.

We need a way to connect those needing help with those willing to help. There are many fine woodworkers in our community who want to make things, fix things, and help others. I can’t make a picture frame, but I know two who can. There are experienced refinishers, cabinet builders, and wood turners. You folks know how to turn a finial for a broken chair, fix a wobbly leg, repair a broken drawer, or just cut pieces of wood to requested size. Think of the satisfaction of helping your neighbors!

We would like to establish a database of woodworkers willing to offer their help. Then we thought, why not just start a woodworking club?

We won’t have the traditional woodworking facility but, properly organized and managed, we can make it work. You have the tools and the skills. We want to connect those with needs with those of you who would like to help!

So, if you are interested, desire more information, or want to sign on, contact us at [email protected]. The information we need is your name, what your skill is (so jobs can be directed), email address, phone number, and home address.