Bucks 4 Books Event Set for January 19

Bucks 4 Books Event Set for January 19

Nancy McCluskey-Moore

The mission of Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries (FSL) is to provide the funds to purchase books, audio books, and DVDs for the three SaddleBrooke Community Libraries. In 2021, FSL created a new event to raise funds for these materials, the Bucks 4 Books Raffle.

On Wednesday, Jan. 19, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the MountainView Ballroom, FSL will host a Bucks 4 Books Celebration. At this event, the three 2021 end-of-year raffle drawing winners will be announced. These lucky winners will split a grand prize pot of more than $3,000. We’ll also announce how much money was raised to support our three fabulous libraries. To kick off the 2022 Bucks 4 Books Raffle, raffle tickets will be on sale during the celebration.

Buy your $25 ticket for the Bucks 4 Books Celebration and enjoy a drink, appetizers, and entertainment. You’ll also have a chance to mingle with other SaddleBrooke Library supporters. Tickets for the celebration are on sale at the SaddleBrooke TWO Administration Office or online at tickets.saddlebrooketwo.com.

FSL Presents a Program About the National Park Service Dive Program

Rolly Prager

On Feb. 10, Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries (FSL) will present a lecture about the U.S. Park Service Dive Program. The lecture starts at 4 p.m. at the DesertView Theater. Admission is free for FSL members. Non-members will pay $5.

Here’s a fun fact—of the 85 million acres included within our national parks, 11 million of those acres are underwater. In fact, there are 80 national park units that include oceans and large lakes, and at least 70 of these areas have some history of diving. Surprisingly, one of those places is the Hubbell Trading Post on the Navajo Reservation. Beginning in 1934, parks have used divers to learn about the resources they protect. By 2019, there were 218 certified divers making 7,100 dives. The divers perform body recoveries, biological research, and underwater archeology, including of the USS Arizona in Hawaii.

Our presenter is Butch Farabee. He has over six decades of dive experience. He has made 900 dives and has overseen the Park Service’s national dive program. Butch will discuss this largely unknown function of the Park Service. He has written a book on the program and will share many interesting facts and photos.