Bring a Friend to POP Tennis

Ann Williams, Paulette Kasperski, Stuart Watkins, Linda McAllen, and Yvette Sabulsky

Roe Callahan

Join us at the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club on Sept. 20 from 9 to 11 a.m. to Bring a Friend (family member, partner, or neighbor) to POP Tennis Day.

Come see why your POP tennis friends are having so much fun. You’ll get to see how POP tennis is played while enjoying the company of your friend on the court.

We’ll supply the paddles and balls, and all you have to do is enjoy the camaraderie on the court while learning one of the fastest-growing sports in adult communities across the country. After you play, join us for some cold drinks and snacks on the patio while you socialize with all the participants.

Ask your friends and neighbors if they will take you to Bring a Friend to POP Tennis. If you don’t know anyone who plays POP tennis, call the SaddleBrooke Tennis office at 520-825-0255, and we’ll sign you up with a new friend who will teach you the sport.

Looking to have as much fun as your POP tennis friends? Join us on Sept. 20 and see what POP tennis is all about while making some new friends along the way.