Bridge Results – October 2014

MountainView Bridge Club

Stephanie Parks

Hello, everyone. I apologize for not sending a column to the SaddleBrooke Progress; it was an oversight. Thanks to Dick Quigg for letting me know. You can still sign up for the Regional At Sea from November 15 to 27 on The Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas, exploring the Southern Caribbean. The more of us who go, the more fun it will be. Another reminder: there is a Pro-Am game on the first afternoon of the Regional in Mesa (October 6 through 12). Advance registration is advised and may be done by contacting JoAnne Lowe at 480-836-7296, email [email protected]. JoAnne really needs to hear from players with more than 1000 points who would be willing to be Pros. The Pros play free, while the Ams pay the regular $11 entry fee. There is also a reception for all participants after the game.

We had nine games in August, again with an average of about 10 tables. The biggest win in August was a whopping 71.82% game earned by John and Arlene Mayfield with their cockamamie system called EHAA — Every Hand An Adventure. If you want to know more about that, you can find it on the internet. By the way, we need some more C players, as usual. One day, August 19, we had 17 C players for some reason. All the other days we had between only two to four C players. We are always happy to see new faces; anyone who has recently joined us for the first time, please do come back. The winners in August were:

A Flight: Sheila/Jeff Lesser 3; Marie Heal/Donna DePesa; Roy Aiken/Al Spaet; Bob Brussel/Ann Kuperberg; Vicki Hanson/Marian Rogge; Joy Rieckers/Loretta Wood; Eric Vonderheid/Al Spaet/ Marie Heald/Darlene Barstad; JoAnn/Roy Aiken; Arlene/John Mayfield 3; Bob Brussel/Clarence Mette III (aka Cam); JoAnn Aiken/Darlene Barstad 2; Donna DePesa/Steve Maltzman 2; Bob Brussel/Blanche Walderstreicher; and Don Reil/James Young

B Flight: Bob Stotts/Ed Anderson; Jim/Terry Coe; Jane Pendley/Don Reil; Peter Godfrey/Sonnie Davis; Betty Meyer/Bob Murray; Sara Doonan/Leo Paaty; Al Spaet/Eric Vonderheid 2; Trudie Weber-Penta/Susan Hagerty 2; Dick Quigg/Tom Baker; Steph Parks/Roberta Goldstein

C Flight: Betty Edwards/Midge Miller; Carol/Demetre Venetiou; John/Sheila Bray; Tom/Marylynn Baker; Ron Morris/Eric Vonderheid; Ann Kupewrberg/Richard Quigg; Tom Baker/Richard Quigg

The MountainView Duplicate Bridge Club holds two games a week, Tuesday and Friday, at 1:00 p.m. in the Mariposa Room at the DesertView Clubhouse. Full details about the club, finding partners and the results of games are available on our website: Welcome to MountainView Bridge Club.