Bridge Results – March 2015

MountainView Bridge Club

Stephanie Parks

Hello, bridge players! Our game is growing — we had nine days of play in January and averaged just a bit more than 13 tables per game almost filling the room a couple times. We may have to set Ann up on top of the counter pretty soon. I have noticed that the competition is more stringent for us C players with the 749 limit, but it does seem to balance the field better. You will note that there are fewer winners listed for C flight—many of them win a higher flight and, therefore, are not listed for both. The club championship on January 13 was won overall by Darwin Afdahl and Roy Aiken for the A flight and Betty Meyer and Bob Murray took the honors for both B and C Flights. We also had three Junior Fund games, featuring overall winners. The first one on January 16 was won N/S by Darwin and Kay Afdahl with a 70.6% game and Robert Lewis/Chuck Shaull won across the board E/W; Donna DePesa and Steve Maltzman won the second Junior Fund game on January 20; Sarah Baumann/Steve Pozez took the B flight overall and Eric Vonderheid/Ron Morris won C overall. The Afdahls also won the third one on January 27, while Nancy Barlett and Jo Watson took B and C flights that day. The unit wide championship held on January 30 was won by Sara Doonan and Leo Pigaty in North/South and Kay and Darwin Afdahl in East/West, but no one from our group won overall for the Unit. Our winners in other games in January were:

A Flight: JoAnn Aiken/Michele Werley; Betty Meyer/Bob Murray; Vicki Hansin/Marian Rogge and Al Spaet/Eric Vonderheid

B Flight: Bob Stotts/Trudie Weber-Penta; Darlene Barstad/Roy Aiken; Ann Kuperberg/Sharon Wyles (across the board win); Bob Brussel/Eric Vonderheid; Vicki Hansen/Michelle Werley; Richard Quigg/Michael Pickering and Peter Godfrey/Steven Sahl

C Flight: Joyce Hagin/Larry Reich; Midge Miller/Betty Edwards; Jim/Terry Coe and Barbara/Edward Haugland

Congratulations to all winners! See you at the tables.

All details can be found at the website, We play every Tuesday and Friday at 1:00 p.m. in the Mariposa Room at the DesertView Theater building, open to everyone. Feel free to join us.