Blessing of the Animals Event

Stuart Watkins

Bring your pets, even horses, to the Blessing of the Animals Event at Vista United Methodist Church on Oct. 21.

Here is a quote from Pastor Fred Baum when I asked how the event would be handled:

“People bring their animals to Vista Church’s patio. They are blessed there individually after a short worship service. If people bring horses (which has happened), they are blessed in the parking lot.

“The service of blessing starts at 10 a.m. and is finished whenever the last animal has been blessed. We ask people to have dogs on a leash that are friendly with other dogs. Cats can be in carriers and turtles in boxes. We will also bless whatever pet someone has, from gerbils to rabbits. It is a fun time!”

So, to my SaddleBrooke, SaddleBrooke Ranch, Catalina, Eagle Crest, Twin Lakes, Oracle Rancho Vista, and San Manuel friends, bring your pets for this special event. As Pastor Fred said, “It is a fun time.”

Vista United Methodist Church is located just south and west of Catalina at 3001 Miravista Lane, across from the Bashas’ shopping mall. For more information, call 520-825-1985. See you there!