Birth of a Deer

Stuart Watkins

My cousin, R, a deer hunting expert from Virginia, gave me a pair of antlers, told me to plant them, and that a baby deer would grow.

They had to be planted with a fig tree in order to share nutrients.

So, I dug a hole in my backyard and planted a fig tree that was given to me by a neighbor.

I added water and made sure the fig tree plant did not get blown over by strong winds. After a few months, I was to watch for a baby deer emerging.

He asked me to take pictures of the birth and that would be his reward for donating the antlers.

Now, my cousin R and his two brothers, B and D, are all known for telling jokes to each other and we all banter back and forth. I am not a deer hunter and know nothing about the animals, but am willing to give this a try.

This antler-deer-baby-planting may be a figment of one of their imaginations. However, it could also be the way for families to have their own baby deer pets.