Biosphere II: Launch pad of a different type

Mark Freshwater at Biosphere II

Mark Freshwater at Biosphere II

Mark Freshwater

On Saturday, April 12 I had an opportunity never anticipated even a year ago. During 2013 I wrote and produced my own second original music CD entitled Biosphere. It is entirely instrumental music with space, time and earth related songs. I contacted Biosphere II’s John Adams back in February about possibly distributing my music in the gift shop there and he quickly suggested a performance opportunity for me during Earth Month. Each weekend in April the U of A’s facility features different aspects of mother earth. Since two of my original songs are weather related (Rain Prayer and Red Rocks Monsoon), I jumped on the April 12 and 13 weekend’s weather theme.

Although this was not a concert per se, it did offer me the opportunity to play my music in an open setting just north of the B2 rain forest. I added narrations to complement my songs and played synthesizer and keytar along with most of my songs. Most people just took it in as they walked to or from their tours and that was pretty much as I expected. There were several bright spots when some of the younger children stopped out of curiosity and so I let several play my instruments through the outdoor PA system.

I coined this my official CD launch as I could not find a more appropriate place to do so. Typically when I perform I am doing mostly cover songs and only a few of my original instrumentals so Saturday provided me with a vast and new experience, taking in mother earth and celebrating her at the same time in one of the most unique places in all of Arizona.

Note: Mark spends half the year each year in Arizona, having done so since 2001 and continues to marvel at the Sonoran Desert’s beauty. Mark and his wife Debbie live in SaddleBrooke and spend summers back in hometown Columbus, Ohio. For additional music and contact information, visit