Bicycling in SaddleBrooke

Madelaine Salas

With the onset of COVID-19 and with the exercise facilities either closed or in limited use, we have all noticed an uptick in the number of cyclists. People all over our community are dusting off those bicycles that have been hanging in the garage for years and venturing out onto the roads. In most cases, people understand their vulnerability on their bikes. We’re not always as visible to car and golf cart drivers as we would like to be and trying to maneuver a 50 pound bike while dodging gravel, quail, other riders, and vehicles can pose a myriad of problems. Before you venture out, make sure your bicycle is in good working order. If you haven’t had it tuned up in awhile, it’s time!

As a member of SaddleBrooke CycleMasters, I thought I would share with you our safety guidelines with the hope that we all remain upright and safe.

1. Wear a helmet. Goes without saying. Experience with accidents by club members proves they work.

2. Cycle with identification.

3. Be visible. Wear bright colors.

4. Ride no more than two abreast. On some roads, riding single file is the safest.

5. Obey traffic laws and signs.

6. Keep a safe distance between you and other riders.

7. Use your hand/arm signals for turning and stopping.

8. Use a rear-view mirror. Front and rear lights are also helpful.

9. Pass pedestrians and other cyclists only on the left. Announce “Passing on your left.”

10. Avoid unexpected turns, cutting corners too short or wide, or cutting someone off. Be predictable.

11. Watch for parked cars with doors opening and for cars backing out of driveways.

12. Be aware of debris like rocks, gravel, and sand on the road and avoid them.

13. Be polite. We share the road.

Practice safe cycling!