Best buddies

Colton with his adopted horse Scout

Colton with his adopted horse Scout

Sue Robisch

Colton is a nine year old boy. Scout is a miniature horse. They met at Little Hooves & Big Hearts when Colton’s school took a field trip to LHBH’s facility in Oracle, Arizona. They have been buddies ever since. That special bonding between child and horse is one of the many amazing things that happens at Little Hooves & Big Hearts.

Colton is a special-needs child and his family was so impressed with the way he interacted with the minis and staff that they wanted him to have frequent one-on-one sessions at LHBH. In fact, Colton’s family and friends have adopted Scout.*

Since Colton has had regular therapy sessions at LHBH, the program has had a positive influence in his life. He looks forward to his visits and enjoys the experiences that the professional staff offers him. Colton’s first session was in November 2014. Since that time he has grown in self-confidence and is learning to successfully cope with life situations.

Many children with special needs benefit from one-on-one therapy sessions at LHBH. Their lives are enriched by these gentle and sensitive animals. Our equine-assisted therapists are certified in Equine-Guided Education. Also certified by PATH’Intl (professional association for therapeutic horsemanship), LHBH is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization and therapy sessions are offered at no charge for special-needs children. For more information on LHBH visit our website at or call the Oracle office at 520-896-2820.

*Our Adopt-a-Mini program allows an individual to adopt one of our horses for one year for a tax-deductible $2500 contribution. Read more about this program on our website.