Been Rode Hard

Stuart Watkins

Stranger rode into town on a horse that was rode hard

kept turning his head and looking around

ghosts, sheriff, or vigilantes might be on his trail

couldn’t tell for sure, but he had worry on his face

Looped the reins over a hitching post and turned again

strode inside the Palace Saloon with thirst on his mind

cowboys gave him a glance then turned to look away

poker, whiskey, and relaxing was their game

Stranger sidled up to the bar and put his money down

glanced over at the swinging saloon doors

drank his beer and ordered more of the same

time passed and soon the stranger was forgot

Wyatt Earp strode in and took in the scene

with two huge strides he was beside the man

pistol whipped him and knocked him to the floor

Billy the Kid left Tombstone to return no more.

Some say Billy would have beat him to the draw

some say Wyatt should have shot him dead

others say that a blow to the head

was better than filling him up with lead.