Bee-Cuz We Care Cancer Golf Tournament

Ret Convey

How do you handle pressure on the golf course, or do you fold like a cheap umbrella at the thought of competition? Do the yips send your easy-peasy eight-inch putt screaming past the hole, hijacking your dreams of saving triple-bogey? When your third tee shot kerplops into the water, do you wonder why you bother to play this game at all, much less enter a tournament?

Or, are you the sort of player who comes alive in the pressure cooker? Your inner-Annika bubbles to the surface when the heat is on, and you magically birdie, par, and bogie your way to every cup like a heat-seeking missile. No sooner do you sign your score card after one competition, then you’re itching for the next.

Just imagine the dilemma of trying to organize one tournament to suit both players. On the one hand, it can’t be too intense, but on the other, it must be critically important. It must require laser focus to reach the goal but at the same time be loads of relaxing fun. Could such a tournament exist?

As a matter of fact, it does! The SBWGA18’ers and Lady Niners have organized a one-size-fits-all golf tournament that is sure to satisfy every player – the 2019 Bee-Cuz We Care Cancer Golf Tournament on Dec. 17.

In this very special tournament nobody will win, but every player is a winner. There is no leader board, yet every player is in first place. the Bee-Cuz We Care cancer tournament may just be the most important round you’ll play all year, but you don’t even need a handicap to enter.

A pittance of $30 will gain you entry into this elite group, the best of the best, the cream of the crop. You can choose between a nine- or 18-hole scramble, chow down on a yummy lunch while Chrisie Funari, founder of the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children, shares her amazing story. You can load up on raffle tickets, bid on fabulous auction items, and make a donation to the ACFC, knowing that every dollar is going to fight the war against childhood cancer. Best of all, you can jump to your feet and applaud our survivors and honor those lost in the battle.

The Bee-Cuz We Care Cancer Golf Tournament promises to have something for everyone, and we hope to see you there on Dec. 17.

Please check for details and get your application on our website, (look for our Bee), or stop by the Pro Shop to get your application.

Deadline to sign up is Dec. 9 at noon and no refunds after Dec. 9.