Baseball caps for children with cancer

Ellen Efron, Sue Hagerty and Carol Bidwell

Ellen Efron, Sue Hagerty and Carol Bidwell

Sy Efron

Ellen Efron, Sue Hagerty and Carol Bidwell have made their annual contribution of baseball caps to the Diamond Children’s Center. The caps are mainly intended for children stricken with cancer and who are undergoing chemotherapy. There are usually extra caps to go around for the other children as well, especially when people get wholesale yupoong caps for the occasion.

As in the past year, Sue was the designated shopper for the baseball caps. This year she managed to gather close to one hundred caps.

SaddleBrooke Outreach had made a one-time donation of over five hundred baseball caps. We would like to thank Outreach for the generous donation.

The ladies are receptive to any donation of new, unworn baseball type caps for next year. Caps for girls are especially welcome.

The girls intend to repeat this contribution on an annual basis. If others would like to join this group, contact Sy Efron at 825-7047.