Attention Bocce HOA1 Club 1 Members

October brought falling temperatures, and the snowbirds have returned to SaddleBrooke. That means it’s time to begin a new and exciting bocce season. A small group of dedicated bocce bowlers toughed it out during the summer heat and will continue to play, but we are expecting the 13 new members who joined last spring to show up at the SaddleBrooke One bocce courts.

The first roll-out was on Oct. 24, with a short meeting to get reacquainted and to discuss ideas for going forward into the new season. There are four bocce courts at SaddleBrooke One, which means 16 players can play at any one time. Bocce courts will be reserved for the club at 10 a.m. every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We’re hoping the club will grow to 20 members so that all four courts can be in play each day to allow for more fun.

Call Tony Greco at 520-330-0871 if you have questions.