April Bridge Club news

Ann Kuperberg

April showers might bring May flowers but for the MountainView Bridge Club April brought more players gaining master points.

Frequent winners included Jack and Arlene Mayfield, Peter Godfrey and Steve Sahl, Bonnie and Bob Hertzog, Michelle Werley with Marie Heald and Joy Rieckers, Sue Hagerty with Dean Frost and Jim Coe, Vicki Hanson with Dean Frost and Marian Rogge, with JoAnn Aiken and Karen Swanberg, Sarah Baumann with Steve Pozez and Betty Meyer, Trudie Weber-Penta with Bob Stotts and Sharon Wyles and others who placed each Tuesday and Friday.

It was nice to see winter visitors play in the games too and win points. Laura and Ted Manassa and Jani and David Kuker said they really enjoyed the group.

Some novice players say they feel intimidated by the MountainView Bridge players because they’re so good. One way to improve is to get out of your comfort zone once in a while and step up for the challenge. All you’ll get is advice, if you ask, and observe how better players defend a contract. Books don’t always show the techniques in practice.

To quote Marty Bergen’s Bridge tips, “Do not forget that your partner wants to win as much as you do.”

He also says, “If partner shows a six-card suit, your number of cards matters and any honor is worth its weight in gold. If bidding goes, one club (partner), one heart (you), two clubs (partner), go to three clubs with this hand:

A8 (spades), 10732 (hearts), 8432 (diamonds) A92 (clubs)

Your two black aces and nine-card club fit give you a chance to make three NT. Your bid will also prevent the opponents from finding their spade fit.

Always try to remember bridge is a game; not life-altering.