Another hole-in-one for Jerry Emmons

Jerry in his moment.

Bob Edelblut

September 4 was a very good day for Jerry Emmons! First of all, it was the opening round of the Mars and Venus tournament at The Preserve Golf Course. Secondly, he and his playing partners Ralene Peters, Andrea Gray and Gary Hodges played brilliantly and were the leaders of the event after day one. And finally, he recorded his eighth career hole-in-one on the sixth hole. Wow! Does it get any better than this? By the way, Jerry and his partners continued their fine play on September 6 and won the tournament.

The sixth hole at The Preserve, as all of you know, is just plain beautiful to look at and just plain treacherous to play. It is really hard to believe that it yields as many aces as it does. Jerry’s shot was about 125 yards and he chose an eight iron for the shot. The details of Jerry’s shot are a bit skimpy but I can tell you that his team recorded two net one’s on the hole. Pretty showy I would say! Congratulations one more time.

Jerry and his wife Nancy moved to SaddleBrooke in 2007. Golf has been a major part of their lives for at least 50 years. Six of Jerry’s hole-in-ones were scored on courses in California. He easily admitted that his favorite of the group was the one he scored while playing in a Pro-Am. It seems that the prize for this one was a new golf cart which the Emmons immediately sold and used the proceeds to finance a trip to Europe. Great story!