Another award for the Golden Goose

Ron Andrea

Just months after being honored as the 2014 Rural Small Business of the Year by the Pima County Small Business Commission, the Golden Goose has been recognized again!

The Society for Human Resource Management selected the Golden Goose from over 300 applicants to receive its 2014 award for Innovation in the Workplace!

The award cited the Goose for an “exceptional commitment to community volunteerism.” Below are just a few of the innovations identified:

The Golden Goose has over 80 volunteers for every paid employee.

A new volunteer orientation is held every month.

Veteran volunteers provide most of the volunteer training.

Volunteers are cross-trained in multiple roles to optimize volunteer utilization.

Volunteers schedule themselves and the hours are flexible.

In addition to the above most recent two awards, the Goose has been honored as a Tucson Treasure, won Best Customer Service and Best Volunteers in the 2014 Explorer’s Best of the Northwest and won Best Shopping Center in the 2013 contest held by the Northwest Explorer.

What is the net effect of all this success?

More children have new clothing, shoes and school supplies.

More seniors have companionship and purpose.

More of those who are hungry have food.

More people looking for work have assistance and training.

More families have access to health care and clinics.

More children are doing better in school and are safer before and after school.

More young people have an opportunity to attend college.

The Golden Goose has increased financial contributions to SaddleBrooke Community Outreach and Impact of Southern Arizona each year since its inception in 2003 and 100% of the Goose profits go to those two charities.

What can I do to help?

You can contribute in these ways:

Shop: Take advantage of the many items available for purchase at the Goose for pennies on the dollar—and all purchases are tax free!

Donate: Smaller items can be delivered to the back door between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. every day but Sunday. Larger items can be scheduled for home pickup by calling 825-9101.

Volunteer: Join the corps of friendly volunteers and find out firsthand what makes the Goose such a special place!