Annual Community Food Drive

KC Thomas of TB Contractors (they built Kids Closet) with Collin, Teddy and Darrin; photo by Mary Kay Stein.

KC Thomas of TB Contractors (they built Kids Closet) with Collin, Teddy and Darrin; photo by Mary Kay Stein.

Nan Nasser

The annual SaddleBrooke Community Outreach food drive took place Saturday, March 22 beginning with curbside pickup in each unit and delivery to the MountainView Clubhouse parking lot.

There were hundreds of volunteers involved with the operation; unit captains picked up and delivered and sorters looked at each contributed item to determine expiration dates. People from the Tri Community Food Bank were on hand with their truck and helpers. TB Contractors also provided a truck and TBC volunteers included young students to help move boxes to their truck.

Oracle Ford offered a pickup truck and the SBCO van was loaded. There were grandchildren, people from SaddleBrooke Ranch, Rotarians and many, many SaddleBrooke volunteers.

SaddleBrooke Ranch brought 187 bags of food and cash donations of $900.

Food donated at the DesertFest celebration on March 15 was estimated at 500 pounds.

When the day was over almost 20,000 pounds of food was delivered to TCFB and over $12,000 was collected and transferred to the bank.

When the trucks arrived at the food bank, students from Sycamore Canyon and members of the San Manuel Fire Department were on hand to help with the unloading.

Thank you everyone for your participation and support of this annual program that benefits the Tri Community Food Bank. Director Dr. Cynthia Chevalley told SBCO that the food bank provides meals for 295 seniors each month as well as 521 kids. A federally approved food box will provide a family with enough food for three meals in three days. Your participation makes it possible for TCFB to offer additional items. She also stated that 5% of people in Pinal County go hungry every day. That may not apply to SaddleBrooke but it certainly is a valid statistic for our neighbors to the north. And additional thanks to Joan and Rich Roberts for organizing this amazing program.