An Electric Bike for You? Part 3

Haibike HardSeven 4.0

Haibike HardSeven 4.0

Roger Fife

In my final article on e-bikes, I will present some advice on purchasing an electric bike. While not an expert on e-bikes, I have researched some of the more popular ones and have tried out several that I considered purchasing.

Some characteristics that are desirable when purchasing an e-bike are quality, price, power, and operator interface. First, it is probably a bad idea to purchase an e-bike over the internet unless you know someone that has one so you can try it out. There are scores of bikes offered on the internet at very attractive prices, but many are of low quality.

As an educated guess, I would say that a quality e-bike will run upwards from $1,800, but you should not have to pay more than $2,400. However, e-bikes can cost more if you want additional features, such as a lighter frame, monoshock suspension on the rear wheel, a feature-rich computer/controller, or an upgraded motor/battery.

The e-bike I have is a class 1. It seems to be ideal for my needs in every way. It’s a Haibike HardSeven 4.0. It’s a mountain bike with a substantial frame and aggressive tires. Being a substantial and well-engineered bike, it gives the rider a sense of security, not to mention that the bike will last for many years of constant use.

Consider purchasing an e-bike with the following characteristics:

* class 1 e-bike for versatility and exercise

* substantial

* an adequate power system of around 500 watts

* a torque sensor bike for better leg conditioning and pleasurable riding

Try it out before you buy!

In conclusion, I hope you will consider an e-bike for the fun you will have and for the health benefits.